By Press Times Staff

HOBART – The Hobart village board discussed a bevy of conditional use permits, certified survey maps and lot rezoning at the Tuesday, Nov. 20 meeting.

The main discussion was around a conditional permit for Badger State Storage on Orlando Drive that ultimately changed hands.

The original property owner held the permit, but sold the property, thus negating the CUP.

However, due to recent changes in state law regarding CUPs, the board decided the permit will stay with the land and not the owner.

Todd Gerbers, director of planning and code compliance, said Badger State Storage plans to build storage units on the property and sell it when completed.

“This is poorly written by our lawmakers, but this is what we have to work with,” said Village Administrator Aaron Kramer. “This transfer falls clearly in the legality of the new statutes. We recommend this language being used with all conditional use permits moving forward.”

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